Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Photo Software for Windows and Digital Camera

If you need a fast connector from your digital camera to your computer windows, the Photolightning is best choice.

The process are just 3 steps. Plug your camera to your computer, rename your photos file, then print or share your photos.

Try this photo software at here. Then you can purchase it if you like it. The system requirement are : Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista, Pentium II 300 MHz recommended, 128 MB RAM recommended, 64 MB RAM minimum, 10 MB hard disk space.

To see other photo software click here.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Converter From FLV to MP3 - Youtube URL

If you are a Youtube mania you must be love if you can download the file video from there to your computer.

Download youtube video is very easy. It is many tutorials at internet will guide you how to download youtube files. All file from youtube will save with FLV extension. The size of this file is very big because it is a file video with music.

In this page you will see how to convert the FLV files to MP3 files, so you can hear the song without video and the size will be decrease.

http://www.flv2mp3.com/flv-url-converter.html is the URL of FLV to Mp3 converter i mean. You can convert video from Youtube URL or files from your computer.

The process just take a minutes. After that you will be redirected to download link and all you do just click it and you will get a file with mp3 extension.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Six Internet Explorer 7 Add Ons

Here's Recommend Add Ons for Internet Explorer 7.0. Get more easy from IE 7.

1. ieSpell
A Spell Checker add in on Internet Explorer 7. It makes easy to you to check your spell.

2. Inline Search
Supercharging Internet Explorer's searching capabilities, Inline Search provides find-as-you-type functionality on the web page you're currently visiting.

3. IE7 Open Last Closed Tab
It creates a keyboard shortcut (Alt-X) to restore a tab after it's been closed. IE7 Open Last Closed Tab isn't the most glamorous of add-ons, but it will save you from fat-fingered mistakes and overly hasty decisions.

4. Add Search Providers
Head over to the Add Search Providers page and choose your preferred service's pre-built tool. Don't see your favorite site listed? Just follow the instructions for the Add Search Provider page's Create Your Own tool. IE7 does the rest.

5. Trailfire Toolbar
These marks are little notes on individual web pages that can be strung together to form your own interpretive trail across the web. Trailfire Toolbar is also available for IE6.

6. StumbleUpon Toolbar
Haven't tried the random web yet? The StumbleUpon Toolbar for IE7 lets you stumble and bumble your way through the web.

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