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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Safe Your Internet Surf By Pc-cillin Internet Security System

PC-cillin is no just an anti-virus program. Pc-cillin is a full internet security program that includes a spam filtering and personal firewall.

PC-cillin’s has more complex and not as easy to use Norton product, but this differences are not major and the average individual PC user should have little problem coming to grips with it. The interface of Pc-cillin is intuitive and while the many features and settings may frighten the novice user, in most cases they won’t need to touch anything to be well protected.

The good news from us is the Pc-cillin enable personal firewall, email is scanned and all file will be updated from their server.

PC-cillin Internet Security is a software to protect computer from spyware, adware, and remove computer viruses. Pc-cillin can protect and remove most known viruses, Ms Word and Excel macro viruses, boot sector, stealth, protect home and office networks and personal identity, scan incoming and outgoing emails, safe shop, share pictures, bank, and instant message, that this award-winning security software helps prevent malicious attacks and reduces time-consuming interruptions.

To get full protect, You need to register this software and update for the first time. Then set it for updates at regular basis with intervals ranging from three to 12 hours. After that, the pc-cillen will automatically update itself.

If you are Instan Messenger user (like Yahoo Messenger or MSN), all of your conversation traffic will be scaned by pc-cillin.

The price of Pc-cillin is better than Norton product. The cost is between $20 and $40, less than the equivalent Norton product.

Features of Pc-cillinc Internet Security

AntiVirus System
Pc-cillin can detects and removes any viruses from Internet downloads, your emails, and removable disk. It will automatic updates and immunize your computer system to against the latest threats.

Protect From Spyware Protection
Pc-cillin can blocks and removes adware, spyware, grayware, and root kits that hide deep inside your computer.

Good Personal Firewall
Protect computers from intercepts by hackers and network viruses that trying to attack your computer and your network.

Safe Identity Over Internet
Pc-cillin can protects you from identity theft, phishing scams that designed to steal your credit card and bank account.

Wireless Network Monitoring
If you are using wireless system, you are safe with pc-cillin. This software against unauthorized users invading your wireless home network.

Home Network Control
Manages and configures your pc-cillin security system is so easy. You can updates it for every PC on your network by your self with an easy-to-use management console.

Household License
Superior PC protection for up to 3 home or mobile computers

System Requirements
Your system must match with one of these :

Operating Systems:

* Windows Vista™ Home Basic (32/64 bit)

* Windows Vista Business (32/64 bit)
* Windows Vista Home Premium (32/64 bit)Windows Vista Ultimate (32/64 bit)
* Windows XP Professional or Home Edition with Service Pack 1 or 2 (32 bit)

* Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2004 or 2005 (32 bit)
* Windows 2000 Professional with Service Pack 4
* Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004 or 2005 (32 bit)

Hardware require:

* Intel™ Pentium™ 350MHz, or equivalent processor
* Intel Hyper-Threading and Dual Core CPU compatible
* RAID 0 (Striping) or RAID 1 (Mirroring or Duplexing) compatible

Compatible Web Browsers:

* AOL™ Browser 9.0 Security Edition
* Mozilla™ Firefox™ 1.5
* Netscape™ 7.2

Required Web Browser:

* Microsoft Internet Explorer™ 5.5 or 6.0, with Service Pack 2
* Microsoft Internet Explorer™ 7.0 *

Required Disk Space:

* 250MB hard disk space available for installation

Required Memory:

* 256MB of RAM (512MB for Windows Vista)

Compatible Email Software:

* Becky! Internet Mail 2.0
* Eudora™ 6.2
* Mozilla Thunderbird™ 1.5 * Microsoft Outlook Express™ 6.0 with Service Pack 2
* Microsoft Outlook™ 2000, 2002, 2003
* Netscape 7.2

Compatible Instant Messaging Services:

* AOL Instant Messenger™ (AIM) 5.9
* ICQ 5 and ICQ Lite
* MSN Messenger 7.5
* Windows Messenger 4.7 or 5.1*
* Yahoo! Messenger 7.5

Compatible Web-Based Email Services:

* AOL Mail
* MSN™ Hotmail™
* Yahoo!™ Mail
* Windows Mail *

Threat Protection

* Phishing Fraud
* Wi-Fi Wireless Protection
* Spam/Pop-ups
* Viruses
* Adware* Trojan Horse Programs
* Identity Theft
* Worms
* Hackers
* Rootkits
* Spyware
* File/Information Theft
* Personal Firewall
* Vulnerability Assessment
* Email Scanning
* URL Filtering
* Outbreak Warning System

Key Features

* TrendSecure ™ additional security software and online services
* Antivirus Security
* Spyware Protection
* Personal Firewall
* Fraud Defense
* Wireless Network Monitoring
* Home Network Control

Protection Points

* Home and Home Office computer
* Wireless Hotspots
* Email and Instant Messages
* Online Commerce

About Trend Micro
Trend Micro is a company in secure content and threat management system. It founded in 1988. Trend Micro is a ward-winning security software, hardware and services. With headquarters in Tokyo, they work in more than 30 countries now. Trend Micro products are sold for corporate and individual user. They have value-added resellers and service providers worldwide. For clear information of Trend Micro services, visit their Web site at

Pc-Cillin Award

"Trend Micro’s suite was reviewed in depth last month (see VB, May 2007, p.14), and is still installed on a few of my spare test systems, so no trouble was expected. The product is well-designed throughout, both visually appealing and easy to navigate, and includes several useful ideas."
Virus Bulletin, June 2007

“Trend Micro Antivirus plus Antispyware 2007 offers basic antivirus and antispyware protection; the antispyware protection ranked among the best of those we tested..”
CNET, May 2007

“Trend Micro Internet Security 2007 aims to protect the "connected customer" from all manner of security threats. Its new Web-based TrendSecure services take the product beyond security-suite basics without blimping up the local installation. A subscription protects up to three computers in a household, and it includes all updates. It's a definite step up from the previous version..” Pc Mag
PC Magazine October 2006

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