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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Website Statistic - PhpMySites Software to Track Visitor at Your Website

Do you know track your website is the easiest things you can do? Website tracking tools is an essential for all webmaster. You need to track different things at once and off course, you need to understand the statistics meaning.

Tracking visitors at your website can be very useful information if you use a right tool or software. If you start tracking your website today, you will have a leg up on the competition. Give your website visitors what they want by tracking your website and identifying what it is. It’s easy and it’s affordable website tracking.


PhpMyVisites is a free software for webmaster who want to know their websites statistics. MetaTraffic is a web analytics software solution that provides insightful and detailed web traffic reports on visitor activity at your web site.

PhpMyVisites can answer the following questions about your web site:

  • Where are visitors coming from?

  • How many visitors are accessing my site and what pages are they viewing?

  • What search terms are visitors using in the search engines to find my web site and from what search engines?

  • What visitors are viewing my site now?

  • What are the detailed demographics of the web site's visitors such as their browser type or country of origin?

  • What ad campaigns are generating visitor traffic to my site and is the site converting those visitors into buyers?*

PhpMyVisites gives a lot of information on websites visitors, visited pages, software/hardware u

tilization, etc... The GUI Interface is fun and practical. The installation is entirely automated and very simple.

Statistics are very complete and use many clear graphics to present data. The web analytics software is translated in more than 30 languages!

PhpMyVisites version 2.3 beta 3 !

In mei, 4 2007 - After several weeks of testing by the community, we are happy to publish the 2.3beta3 version.

What's new? Many bugs fixed, in particular the Zend Optimizer incompatibility improved the performance for the archiving and the RSS feeds generation; we added the detection of Playstation 3 PS3, playstation portable PSP and Nintendo WII. We also updated the search engines listing to include the chinese baidu and many others. 6 languages have been updated (japanese, simplified chinese, bulgarian, lithuanian, croatian and italian).

Features of PhpMySites Software

General features

  1. Instant deployment: The guided and intuitive installation adds a simple Javascript code to the web site pages and immediately begins gathering visitor statistics.

  2. A clean and user-friendly interface to present data and to aid in data analysis.

  3. Clear and concise graphics presenting important information in an easy-to-understand format.

  4. Free: phpMyVisites is completely free. A logo may be added if desired.

  5. Security: Because security is a critical software element, phpMyVisites has maximum protection against intrusions and external attacks.

  6. Multiple Web Sites: Multiple web sites may be added. Each site will have precise and distinct statistics.

  7. Multi Users: Add an infinite number of users and manage permissions for each user (viewing and/or administration rights for certain sites).

  8. International: phpMyVisites is available in more than 30 languages.

  9. Open source, Free: The source code is readily available and you are welcome

    to participate in the project (create new modules, personalize the interface, etc.).

Web analytic

  1. Precise visitor statistics over a period of time (day/week/month/year).

  2. Visitor Frequency: new visitors, regular (known) visitors, and how often visitors view the web site.

  3. Management of web site statistics and all file types (PDF, Image, etc.).

  4. Web site page classification available (by groups, by subgroups, etc.).

  5. Visitor Analysis: Statistics for pages where visitors leave the web site and for pages where the visitors enter the web site.

  6. Geographical Statistics: Classification by continent/country (interactive world map).

  7. Technical Configuration Statistics: Web browsers, resolution, managed plug-in, etc.

  8. Complete and clear statistics about web site discovery: How do visitors come to the web site?

  9. Five Clearly Defined Web Site Discovery Tools: Search Engines, Web Sites, Partner Sites, Newsletters and Direct Access

  10. Able to detect more than 300 internationally-used search engines and keyword associations.

  11. Define web sites as partners and add an unlimited number of newsletters.

  12. Multiple Web Site Overview, a summary of important web site statistics for all managed web sites.

  13. Learn about visitor interests through precise criteria such as: How interested are the visitors (number of viewed pages, length of visit, etc.).? What keyword(s) did they type in the search engine? What's their resolution (is your web site discouraging visitors from lower resolution systems)? Which web site brought the visitor to your web site? Etc.

  14. Receive web site statistics everyday by e-mail, by RSS feed, etc.

Web server

You need a webserver (Apache, IIS, etc.) that supports the following :

  • php > 4.3

  • Mysql database

To be able to display the graphs (vertical bar, 2D / 3D pie chart, dynamic world map, etc.), you need the following librairies on the webserver :

  • GD Library

  • TTF support (Freetype)

Which is available on most of free or cheap web hosting services!


Installing phpMyVisites requires maximum 10minutes. You need to have the login/password of your MySQL database.

To launch the installation process, first unzip the archive on your computer, then upload all the phpmyvisites files on your webserver. Go with your favorite browser to the phpMyVisites directory on your webserver. Follow the instructions, fill in the information required, and after some minutes... have fun with your statistics!


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