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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Vista Transformation Pack 7 - Windows Vista Interface

The Vista Transformation Pack is software to replicate the look and feel of Windows. The Vista Transformation is just for Windows users. It can be used at Windows XP or Windows 2003 systems.

In this review you can see a video to look how Vista Transformation Pack 7.0 looks like when it install at your computer. Just scroll down this page.

No one will know you are using old Windows XP or Windows 2003 after you modify your Windows interface with Vista Transformation Pack. This software is good for fun showing. Show your new Windows interface to your friends and make them amazing. Try this software if you don’t enough money to buy Windows Vista.

Version 7.0 of Vista Transformation Pack is add a long list of changes and additions, including a default system font option for recovery, screen resolution auto-detection, a Windows Blinds dete enction warning message, an updated Vista logon screen, and a number of bug fixes.

News from, from now on you can update Vista Transformation Pack without uninstalling the old version. You can even integrate the vista Transformation Pack into Windows setup files. (Still experimental, though but most of them are fineough to be implemented) This release has a lot of update covering from build 5472 so you’ll get much more icons update and much better visual styles and WindowBlinds skin, with bugs from earlier release fixed.

See The Vista Transformation Pack 7 video from oldhutton.

Minimum requirements

Windows XP or 2003

Latest Improvements

Many fixes, including:

  • Added Docking support for preview and taskbar replacement
  • Added DPI auto-detection in Machine Configuration
  • Added hiding menubar option for Vista (Styler) toolbar
  • Added information about KB925902 hotfix issues and solution on startup
  • Added memory requirements checking for 3rd-party applications


For download The Vista Transformation Pack 7 go to and see another review for this software.

Note : Before you download Vista Transformation Pack 7, please read for check sympthon and resolution at

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