Thursday, September 18, 2008

Secure Your Files Using WinSecure It

Have you experience your important data suddenly was lost from your computer or changed? Or you have many datas and images that you do not want to share with other? If your answer yes, then you need one software protection like WinSecure It. WinSecure It is a software that could be used to carry out various protection sorts in file or foler.

Some features of WinSecure It:

  • Hide, enabled you to hide folder/file on your computer that you did not want to share with others.
  • No access, this software will restrict access to file/folder and even access to file execution so it is not be running. This will be very important if you had various software that you do not want other person execute it.
  • Read only access, will prevent the change in the contents file and prevented file/folder deleted. This Software has two status user, administrator and guest. With administrator status, you could determine tha status of files/folder; full access, hide, read only and no access.
WinSecure It is just for Windows 95/98 operating system. If your system is Windows Vista or XP, you can use Windows Defender from Microsoft or Ad-Aware 2007.

It is not freeware software. The price is $29. More information :

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Address Book Software and Contact Management

Every business man has a large database of contact. This contact is a soul of business and you must be arrange all your contact so you can easy manage it.

Sometime if the contacts has thousands name you maybe difficult to manage or control it. You will be difficult to find contacts that you need. In this situation you must have an address book software to help you manage all your contacts name.

Contact Wolf is one of many address book software you can use. This software has great features likes:

  • The Contact Management / Address Book Software Solution for Home or Business
  • Network compatible
  • Intuitively Easy To Use Award Winning Interface
  • Save and Organize Detailed Information on Everyone You Know
  • Link and Display Images to Contact Records (PRO version only)
  • Maintain a Detailed Contact History (PRO version only)
  • Compile detailed contact histories for any record in your database (contact dates, subject, Notes, etc.)
  • Powerful Search Engine
  • Search thousands of records in seconds for any keyword or keyword phrase.
  • and more
There are no limit contacts you can make using Contact Wolf and you can print label. The other great features is you can insert imagas (photo) of your contact at the database and make an alarm reminders for every contacts you have in database. You can too using e-mail your contacts from this software. Another business software for email is Mailing Manager.

Contact Wolf designed for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/NT and windows Vista. It is now in 2.306 version. You can download it at here. It recuire 6 MB free hardisk and Windows OS.

Contact Wolf is not freeware software. You can try using as is 30 days trial and if you like you can upgrade for $29.95 (standart edition).

Image above, Contact Wolf (TM) Contact Management Software is a Trademark of Lone Wolf Software.

SiteTrust, Make Your Online Transaction Safe

Your computer has been infected by malware or spyware. In this situation is danger to make online trasaction using your computer because it is not safe and all of your identity can be viewed by other party.

SiteTrust is the answer, this new tool from Verdasys can protect users from fraud, even when their computers have been compromised.

SiteTrust was designed based on the assumption that a majority of consumer machines are compromised by rootkits, Trojans, keyloggers, viruses and other malware. SiteTrust stealthily evades malware and other modern threats, leaving them blind to transactions on infected consumer machines. SiteTrust bypasses known attack vectors and uses self-diagnostics as well as active defense measures to secure consumer credentials and transactions, providing complete security from the consumer’s fingertip to the server.

SiteTrust bypasses malware because it is essentially a rootkit--a program designed to bury itself deep in a user's operating system, where it can take fundamental control of most of the software running on the machine. The idea, Ledingham says, is that SiteTrust will burrow down to a lower level than any malware on the system. Verdasys has put a lot of research into ensuring that SiteTrust does just that, Ledingham says, but he acknowledges that if the tool becomes successful, online criminals will probably focus on finding ways to go even deeper. He says that Verdasys plans to keep improving the tool, hoping to stay a step ahead of attackers.

For more info go to : and

* images above is Trademark of VERDASYS

Monday, September 15, 2008

Round My Corners, Online Images Editing

If you need a quick and simple images editing software, Round My Corners is recommend choice. You can edit your images online using this simple tool. Round My Corners is an online images editing so you don't need to install it to your computer. Just go online then enter and you ready to edit your image.

Many blogger using this web to edit their photos online before post it at their blog. This is very simple and easy. Just 5 step and your image is ready.

This online image editing tool is made by Dan Martens.

Google Chrome, Alternative Browser from Google

In this September 2008, Google announce a new browser called Chrome. In news release Google said using Chrome make you browse internet faster, easier and safer. The Chrome Beta will launch in 100 countries.

Click here to download Chrome. And click here to know why Google built a browser. Here is the screenshot of Chrome.

Image above and Chrome are trademarks of Google, inc