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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Holding Pattern 2.0 - Screensavers Journey by Idle Time Software

Holding Pattern 2.0 is a cinematic screensavers using high-end photography. This screensaver is made by Idle Time Software, a screensaver company. Holding Pattern 2.0 delivers the quiet beauty and serene view from a jet plane using sequences of gently animated aerial photographs.

Holding Pattern 2.0 has 2 versian, First Class and Coach class.

Holding Pattern 2.0 First Class
This is a paid version of Holding Pattern 2.0. It's perfect for aviation enthusiasts, design fans, and landscape lovers. It's truly an artisanal screen saver; every last detail has been considered.
Each carefully selected landscape shows distinctive geological features, from canyons to riverbeds to the icy arctic. There's an abundance of photographs in the software-–more than 4 times the content of Holding Pattern Coach Class-–curated for a continuous, diverse experience of flight.

Browse screenshot gallery of First Class and enjoy the sky from your monitor.

Holding Pattern 2.0 First Class was made by the latest animation software technology for a speedy and smooth performance, even on slower systems. Abundant user controls let you fine tune your flight, yielding many different screen saver experiences.

First Class is compatible on Personal computer and on Mac system. The price is just $US 17.50

Holding Pattern 2.0 Coach Class
Holding Pattern turns your idle computer screen into an airplane window, complete with a moving aerial view. Each time the screensaver plays a unique sequence.

Realistic, gentle animation and superb photography make it a truly distinctive screensaver. Enjoy the visual splendor of 15 fresh aerial locations, from the majestic American West to lush Hawaii.

Version 2.0 of this popular screen saver features:

* 15 stunning NEW aerial views from around the world
* Sunset and daytime passages
* Gentle, realistic flight animation - smoother than in v1.0
* Mac Intel support

Download Holding Pattern 2.0 Coach class for free :

Download Holding Pattern for PC: 6.1 MB
Download Holding Pattern for Mac: 8.3MB

Install and Unistall

To install, follow the steps below :
  • Double-click the HoldingPattern2.zip file you downloaded
  • Double-click the hp2_setup.exe installer file within the folder that opens. You?ll have an opportunity to read to the End User License Agreement.
  • Click the Accept and Install button. The system?s screen saver will open after installation is complete
To uninstall :
  • The screen saver may be removed though the Windows Add/Remove Programs control panel:
  • Click the Start button
  • Select the Control Panel menu item
  • After the Control Panel window opens, double-click on the Add/Remove Programs control panel
  • Locate the HoldingPattern2 screen saver in the Add/Remove list and select it
  • Click the Change/Remove button

What are differences between the free and paid versions of HP?

Holding Pattern 2.0 Coach Class is a free cinematic screen saver which beautifully emulates the view from an airplane window. Holding Pattern 2.0 First Class is the ultimate edition of Holding Pattern, at the inexpensive price of $17.50. It has 4 times the exquisite photographic content, and a full set of cool user options to customize your flight.

System Requirements

Operating System : Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
Memory : 256 MB RAM
Processors : 700 MHZ or faster

Operating System : Mac OS 10.x
Memory : 256 MB of RAM
Processors : 700 MHZ or faster
PPC or Intel

About Idle Time Software

Idle Time Software was founded in 2004 by Cathy Davies, an internationally exhibited artist specializing in information technology and multimedia installations.

She was experimenting with the idea of screensavers as an unexplored, cinematic medium, "and I thought they could be a lot more interesting than some fish moving around. They are a little movie that plays again and again when your workstation isn't working for you - why not put something really thoughtful, even personal there? After all, your computer toils all day for you, why not let it dream once in a while?" For her first release, Holding Pattern 1.0, Davies wanted to work with a subject matter that was cinematic and beautiful, "but also common and meaningful to many people." She landed on the idea of a commercial airplane flight and HP 1.0 was a runway success, outgrowing servers with over 350,000 downloads and prompting the formation of Idle Time Software.

Davies is working with photographers to develop several new cinematic screensavers including the forthcoming Cubicle Flood, in which a standard office setting slowly fills to the ceiling with water over an eight hour period of time. Cubicle Flood and all future releases will be available in free as well as premium versions.

Cathy Davies
Idle Time Software

Source and Images : http://www.idletimesoftware.com

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