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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Protector Plus 2007 - Antivirus Software for Windows Vista System

Protector Plus 2007 antivirus is a software for Windows Vista that ideal to protect your computer from any types of viruses.
This software is backed up by an antivirus company of Proland Software, who have experience in developing antivirus software since 1989.

Protector Plus 2007 now in Version 8.0.A03. It is easy to use and has more features and benefits. If you are a Windows vista user, you can use this software as your private antivirus.


Protector Plus 2007 for Windows Vista supports Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Ultimate and Windows Vista Business.

This antivirus provides their users 100% protection from viruses and spyware. Protector Plus 2007 for Windows Vista is packed with more useful features like email scanning, autoupdate, Submit Virus Sample, Heuristic scanning, memory scanning, de-activation of viruses in memory, quarantine, Schedule scan, compressed files scanning and many more.

All ingoing and outgoing email will be scan. The virus will be removed autamatically if it detected. The real time process will scan all files and automatically removes any virus found. The other features s autoupdate when it available. you can too submit a sample of virus to developer to get support immeadiately.


Simple Interface
Protector Plus 2007 Antivirus has simple interface so it easy to use for all users. All components of an this antivirus software are available at the click of a button.

Fast Scan
The scan engine is fine tuned for a better scanning performance. To detect the latest viruses a new heuristics scan technology is implemented to provide maximum security.

Real time Scan
The Real-time scanner of Protector Plus 2007 is designed to monitor the system all the time. It prevents any virus from entering the system during the activities like browsing the internet, accessing the network or while using removable media like cd-rom, usb drives, etc. The Real-time scanner will ensure that the system is free of any security threats.

Email Scan (in and outgoing email)
You safe to use your email program. Protector Plus 2007 can scan your all email for virus and spyware. It has the latest technology of stopping infected emails at the incoming port before they reach your Inbox.

Auto Update System
The system will automatically install the virus signature updates in the background without disturbing the user. It can download hourly updates to provide protection against the latest threats that spread rapidly.

Submit Sample
A powerful feature, which assists the support executives at Proland Software to provide product support and to investigate the users' system. Through the user friendly interface files can be easily submitted to the virus analysis lab. Users can submit the suspicious files like those loaded at the system startup, the files that are heuristically detected as suspicious or the files moved to the Quarantine folder. Every submission is analysed and a report is sent to the user.

Virus Database updates
Virus database updates which are compact in size are released everyday. Added to this, emergency updates are released whenever there is an outbreak of a virus in the wild. InstaUpdate feature of Protector Plus 2007 will automatically download these updates free of cost.


You can try this antivirus for your Windows Vista. It is free in 30 days. Don't worry about all features. This trial copy has all functional. After you try it at your Windows Vista Operating System and you like it, you can buy Protector Plus 2007 for $ US 29.95. The size is 8.35 MB. You can download is at :


Proland has over fifteen years of experience in designing, developing and supporting antivirus software products. Protector Plus, our leading brand of antivirus products are well known throughout the world, and have users in over 100 countries. We have offerings on almost every platform of importance today - Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 and NetWare.

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