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Thursday, July 19, 2007

MYOB 2007 Finance : Accounting Software for Small Retail Business

MYOB Accounting is a finance analysis software that very capable for a small retail business. MYOB is an accounting software that help retail business owner to get precise decision. If you use it then MYOB Accounting will help you manage your business and your payroll with more easier.

MYOB for Small Retail Business includes easy sections and marvelous reports so you can easily build and send reports by Internet on any topic and any format. Also, MYOB has an extra feature called Card File. With this feature you can create a detailed profiles for all of your clients. employee and contacts.

MYOB Accounting is ideal for you if you :

  • Buy then sell goods or services on credit terms

  • Want to track cost and job profitability

  • Stock items for resale to customers

  • Manage your contacts information like employee, supplier, and customer

Features & Benefits of MYOB

Keep track of the goods you buy and sell

MYOB Accounting adjusts your inventory as you buy and sell items. As a retail business you must always know what's in stock in tour company. It does more than keeping a list of available stock, eg. you can:

  • Categorise your inventory into three groups

  • Quickly identify and purchase items that have fallen below your required stock levels

  • Track components or sub-assemblies of items

  • Buy and sell in different units (eg, purchase by the case but sellindividually)

Easy manage your retail business with contact information

  • MYOB Accounting software has room to record everything you need to know about your contacts.

  • Enter up to five addresses per contact and phone numbers and email addresses for each address. In MYOB Accounting for small business, you can clean up your accounts and contact cards with ease.

  • Create personalised letters to customers in Microsoft® Word. MYOB Accounting connects to Microsoft Office seamlessly.

  • Use MYOB Smart Tags to access your contact and financial information in Microsoft Office XP and 2003without opening your MYOB Accounting company file.

Record your retail business purchases then control your retail payables

  1. You can keep all detailed records of your purchases - items you buy or services you use. Access yourtransaction details for up to seven years. Recall them when needed and see which purchases still need to be paid.

  2. Enter quotes and bills of your customers of all your purchase thane you can send. As their statuses changes (from quote to order to bill) you can convert them with the click of a button.

  3. MYOB Accounting software is thinks for you:

  • The GST TAX is calculated automatic

  • Part of the payments are tracked.

  • Early of payment discounts are automatically deducted from billing statements

  • All Expenses that related to the specific job can be easily identified and then reimbursed when invoicing your customer.

Generate current and future budgets for small retail business

  • MYOB Accounting software lets you plan next year's budget for your retail products while you’re still in the current year.

  • Work on your balance sheets and profit and loss accounts in one window in a spreadsheet format. You can import and export budgets in one simple step.

System Requirements for MYOB Accounting Small Retail Business

  • 200 MB of HD

  • 200 MHz Intel Pentium® processor (or equivalent)

  • 64 MB RAM

  • Windows 98/Me, Windows 2000 or Windows XP

  • CD-Rom Drive

  • 16 bit of colour, with 1024 x 768 resolution

Some features require

  • Internet Access

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or Higher

  • Quick Time

Microsoft Officeconnection requires:

  • Microsoft Word Office version 8 to 2003 or Higher

  • Microsoft Excel Office version 8 to 2003 or Higher


If you are a retail business owner and interest to use MYOB Accounting Software as a private business software so first you need to try MYOB in trial edition. Download it at here. The price of MYOB Accounting is $US 349. More Proce, More Features.

MYOB Company

MYOB is one of global provider of solutions in Australia. They are liberate business owners and accountants . Today they develop and delivers award winning software, and services for more than 500,000 businesses and over 10,000 accounting worldwideweb.

MYOB operated businesses are the most dynamic force in this economy world and yet they are universally challenged by limited resources. MYOB Company uses their knowledge and expertise to help people build better businesses include small retail business.

MYOB Company also work directly with accounting practices. Then they streamline their processes to maximise their productivity. MYOB products are used by lot of leading accounting practices like tax agents company and sole practitioners to the Big 4 firms company.

Today, MYOB Limited is a Public Company that listed in the Australian Stock Exchange.

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