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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Google Global - What People From Other Country See The Google Result Page

The Google search engine result page (SERP) depends from country to country keywords. And that is why we may not be able to find some results for same keyword. If you interest to know what people from other country see the SERP of google for the same keyword, you may read this software review article. For example, let's say you are based in the U.K. and you want to know what people in the China are seeing for same keyword.

Google Global Firefox Extension

Google Global Firefox Extension is an add-on Firefox that allows you to see what Google search results that you are viewing look like from different geographical locations. With this tool you can compare organic search results in different countries or if you using Adwords from Google, you can see how your AdWords PPC campaigns appear in different regions.

Benefit Google Global

Simple way to use

Google Global can be used in two ways. From the context menu or from the toolbar.

The easiest way to use Google Global is to simply do a search for something on Google. Google Global Firefox Extension supports all Google search properties. When you do your search, simply right click anywhere on the search results page, select “Search Google Global” and select what country you would like to see the results from. It is as simple as that.

The customized Toolbar

Google Global also allows you to customize your toolbar with an additional button as apposed to another memory hogging toolbar. This allows quick access to the functions of the Google Global extension.

Add Country Code

There are a few options within Google Global that you can change depending on your personal browsing habits. You can open the search results in a new tab, useful for comparing results, you can add as many countries to

your Google Global search options and you can also depersonalize the search results shown by Google Global.


To install you need Mozilla Firefox 1.5 – 2.0.0. installed at your computer and All windows version. License is Freeware, Size 50 kb, Last Updated: July 16th, 2007. Please take step by step the installation procedure below :

  • Make sure you are using the Firefox web browser.
    If the Software Installation window is visible, wait a few seconds and click Install Now.

  • If not, then:

  • Check for a yellow bar near the top of your browser.

  • Click the Edit Options button on the yellow bar.

  • Click Allow. Then click OK.

  • Follow the instruction next.
  • The plugin will not become active until you restart Firefox.


To download last update or if you interest to see the source of this tool please click here.

Developer of Google Globe

Dave Davis from RedFly Marketing. He is the managing director of RedFly Marketing. Dave is a Google approved Qualified adwords professional.

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