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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Real Estate Software for Property Broker Company

Are you a real estate broker ? Need to grow up your real estate company ? Do you want anybody at anyplace see your real estate that you sell? Do you want to sell or rent your house, apartment, or land online but you don't know how to do? If you answer yes, you may read this article below.

Sell real estate like house or land is a good business today. But sell your real estate by online internet is a better idea. With internet you can meet much people for anyplace at the world. And off course your potencial buyers will grow up.

But, the difficult is you don't know how to do and what the tools. In this article, i will tell you one good software that you can use to sell your house via internet.

That's software is Jade Property Suite 5.2. This software is flexible and easy to use. You can see the link to download of this software at the end of this article. Just scroll down this page.

Jade Property Suite Software is made for real estate broker, property company or for individual business. You can use this software as standalone or in the networked. The desktop appearance has easy search utility. You can manage all your propert listings your details contacts like your buyer or your prospects. If you want sell your property online, you can publish all your property listings at your website. After then, you can make a personalized emails to all your contacts.


  • With Jade Property you can stores an unlimited number of your properties.

  • You can work on an internal network.

  • Ease to use the novice capabilities for the expert.

  • Automatic printing, emailing publishing of your listings.

  • The default language, default currency and default date formats can be automatically used in the database.

  • You can customizable master lists, your reports, and you can filters it.

How to Online

Jade Property Suite Software has a web publishing tools that can generates your real estate listings to your website. Then, your customers will find it easy and they can locate your property immediately. Jade Property will handles everything you need. The data and images in your database can be used to generate:

  • A directory of listings.

  • A real estate search engine.

  • A property details.

This software editors allows you to customize the look of your web site, the content and categorization of your web listings. You can see a simple default design at this link : basic listings example.

In this example site, the property listings were generated on a computer that has Euros set as the currency. You can set this currency manual on your computer.


Try this software before you buy. It has a 30 days trial. To download this Jade Property, click here (4.7 MB, Windows All)

The license price of Jade Property is US$ 429 and each computer needs its own license (e.g. 4 computers = 4 licenses). You will get discount if you buy more than 3 licenses.

About Jade Property Suite Company

JadeTools is a software company that serves real estate agents around the world. Our flagship product is Jade Property Suite, a software program for real estate agents whose main business is property sales.

Real estate agents in the United States, South America, Canada, Europe, Africa, Australasia, Asia and the Middle East are currently using Jade Property Suite. We have offices in Ireland and the Netherlands and our global front office is the website and support :



Mailing addres :
Jade Tools Ltd.

Co. Donegal
Republic of Ireland

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