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Saturday, July 28, 2007

BlackICE PC Protection - Personal Computer Firewall

BlackICE PC Protector is a personal computer firewall that will monitors your Internet system for any suspicious attacks. This Firewall will be immediately responds for the alert and instantly block that's threat.

BlackICE has more features. Unlike any other Firewall programs, BlackICE also has the feature to keep monitor all applications that are installed on your hard disk then it will be noice if these applications try to do something that they're not supposed.

BlackICE's PC Protection has feature to hold attacks through instant messaging like Yahoo or MSN. It will be watch for you to safe your email from spy, and it protects your browse expreience on the net. BlackICE automatically stops these

destructive programs before they do something like damage your computer or send virus to your friends.

BlackICE PC Protection is well work in dial-up, DSL, and cable modem from hackers 24/7. Every day every week, all the day.

Benefit of BlackICE PC Protector

BlackICE PC Protection Guards and Secures Against:

  • Steal your identity (name, card, account bank), passwords and any


  • Zombie program - Crackers using your Computer to attacks other computer users

  • Computer downtime

  • Crash your system

BlackICE PC Stops Attackers Cold

  • BLOCKS hacker attacks instantly

  • PREVENTS destructive applications like worms and Trojans from ever starting

  • REPORTS attempted attacks and identifies intruders

  • SECURES any Internet connection, including dial-up, DSL, or cable modem

System requirements

BlackICE PC Protection work in many system like Windows® 98, XP Home, XP Pro, 2000 Pro, Me, NT 4.0 Workstation.

Company behinds BlackIce PC Protector

Black ICE PC Protector is made by Internet Security Systems, Inc. (ISS). ISS was founded by Christopher W. Klaus in 1994 and it go public offering on the NASDAQ on March 23, 1998. The company provides security products and services that preemptively protect enterprise organizations against Internet threats.

ISS celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2004 and has commanded the leading edge of security innovation, inventing cornerstone technologies such as vulnerability assessment and intrusion detection/prevention.

The company continues to set standards in the security space with ISS protection platform, offering enterprise-wide preemptive protection that is tightly integrated with existing IT business processes. ISS is headquartered in Atlanta and maintains more than 35 offices in 20 countries worldwide.

You can see all details abou BlackICE PC Protector and Internet Security System, Inc at

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