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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Online Antivirus for Blogs by Panda Software

If you are a blog writer, you can now offer your readers an online virus scanner and make them safe from any malicous attacks from your web blog. You just need a small code to paste at your page. And you can get that's code from NanoScan.

NanoScan is the first instant scanner for viruses and spyware for blog. To get this tool you just need send an email to and ask them for the code, which you can simply copy then paste that's code on your web blogs.

By doing this, bloggers and webmasters can offer significant added value to their visitors, who will be able to keep their computers free from any active threats that might be performing malicious actions on their computers.

They can also include up-to-date stats on computers infected worldwide. Thanks to NanoScan’s Infex. To get Infex, bloggers have to choose between two options: offer data for the country the visitors come from, or show information for the country chosen by the blog owner.

If you wanto know detail information about how to include Infex on your page, go to

With these launches, Panda Software takes another step forward in its commitment to the growing 2.0 community, offering its tools to the millions of bloggers.

Currently, NanoScan detects more than 1 million examples of known threats and is continually updated against new threats, with almost 2,500 new samples a day. It also detects unknown malware thanks to the Genetic Heuristic Technology.

The tool is fully compatible with Vista and works with both Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers. Take a free trial of NanoScan’s beta version at:

About PandaLabs

Panda Software is one of the world's leading creators and developers of technologies, products and services for keeping clients' IT resources free from viruses and other computer threats at the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership.

Established in 1990, Panda Software is a private company based in Bilbao, Spain with offices in more than 50 countries and clients in 230 countries and territories. Its product range adapts to the precise needs of corporate clients, small to medium-sized companies, small businesses and professionals and home users.

PandaLabs has been to analyze the new threats as soon as possible to ensure that their clients are safe from any malicous attacks. In their organization, several teams specialized in each specific type of malware (viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, phishing, spam, etc.) work 24x7 to offer global coverage.

To do this they are supported by TruPrevent™ Technologies, a truly global early warning system made up of sensors that are strategically distributed and neutralize new threats and send them to PandaLabs for in-depth analysis. According to, PandaLabs is the fastest in the industry to offer complete updates (more information at

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