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Friday, August 10, 2007

ComputerEase - Construction Accounting and Project Management Software for Contractors

ComputerEase is a software for Contractors. The specially of this software is accounting menu. With Computerease, you can reduced overhead and total cost at your construction project. It will be the most important asset you will ever own.

ComputerEase is ease to use and all of the functionality has been the choice of contractors who want to grow their business profitably. It is not just an accounting and job costing software, it's the center of all your business activity.

ComputerEase software use all power of the latest technology like Internet, PDA, e-mail, estimating software, priceng and cost, scanners, etc. All these tools is include in one bundle and work together with ComputerEase. You can empower field personnel, administrators, project managers, office managers and estimators and get quick answers at anytime - anywhere.

ComputerEase now in version 6.0. It made by ComputerEase Software, Inc. It has full integrated system, which has been specifically written for the construction industry. The software is written in C and C++, and is fully Microsoft compatible. ComputerEase is fully Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, ME, XP, and Novell compatible, making full use of 32-bit technology.

This Software is available in a modular format. The modules available are Job cost, General ledger, Accounts payable, (including subcontract management), Accounts receivable (including T & M and unit billing), Payroll (with confidential payroll included), Purchasing (including purchase orders), Inventory, Equipment control, Service management, ODBC, Q Tools (Report Writer), FieldEase (PDA Application), Estimating, Scheduling (manpower and project) and Project Management/Document Control.

  • Fast Data entry
  • Only have to use the keyboard
  • Automatically ties to job costing
  • Updates Committed costs.
  • Warning Flags
  • Set parameters
  • Set for dollars or information
  • Automatically shows problems
  • Prevents fraud & theft
  • Prevents future problems

Brings Your Team Together
Project Management, Job Scheduling, Crew Scheduling, Document Control, Sub Contractor Control, Change Orders, Job Cost, General Ledger, Payroll, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Equipment Costing, Inventory, Purchasing, Service Management.

SUBCONTRACTOR CENTER: You can manage subcontractors easily just from a single center. You can track billing, payments and retention. Flag the problem areas and automatic system alerts to all potential problems in your project.

PROCUREMENT: Inventory and Purchase Order is two modules in one. You can transferring material to and from jobs easily and simple. You can track inventory from your warehouse or from multiple locations and monitor your service trucks. ComputerEase can handle it.

PREVIEW CHECKS: To avoid mistakes, you can preview all checks before it printing.

REPORTS: Use many standard reports in CompuerEase or you create your own reports.

ENTERING BILLS: Enter bills is simple and you can get an automatic job costing for purchase orders. You can add a flags for warning to prevent future problems and warn of the vendor issues such as insurance expirations.

WAIVERS & TWO PARTY: Use the built-in lien waivers or two party checks to make sure obligations are satisfied and prevent embarrassing problems in the future.

PURCHASING: The integrated PO, receiving and job costing allows you to track purchases and have job costs ready for invoicing even before vendor invoice arrives. Import material lists to build POs quickly.

INVENTORY: You get full control of your inventory with automatic markups using all standards methods---actual cost, average costs, six price levels or import from Trade Services or Epic.


ComputerEase dealers strive hard to support their customers in every possible way. Each dealer has been carefully selected because of their knowledge and capabilities in the construction and accounting fields.
Call your local dealer today to start using the power of ComputerEase in your business.

See local dealers ato your location. Go to for further detail.

To see how ComputerEase manage your Construction Project, you can order for free a demo CD and sample reports. Go to and fill the form to get demo CD.

About ComputerEase Software, Inc.

ComputerEase was one of the first software companies to specialize in contractors. Since 1983, ComputerEase has focused on producing the most comprehensive construction management product for contractors. ComputerEase was the brainchild of a contractor and a CPA who joined their knowledge, experience and disciplines to create software that would answer the needs of general, mechanical, electrical, highway and home contractors as well as every trade subcontractor that you can name.

ComputerEase Software, Inc.
6460 Harrison Ave Suite 200
Cincinnati, OH 45247

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