Sunday, June 21, 2009

Animal Free Screensaver

For people who like animal maybe this website for you. is a specialist screensaver software. This web has a directory of some animal screensaver. You can download all of them for free.

Click here to see the list of animal screensaver. Then click download to move them to your hard drive or click more info to see othe information and information how to use them.

Notebook Hardware Control (NHC) Software to Control Hardware Components

Notebook Hardware Control (NHC) is a software to control your hardware components of your notebook. It is free and easy to use. In the control panel of Notebook Hardware Control you can see the life time of your battery, temperature of CPU and your hard drive so it makes your notebook safe for overheat.

NHC isn't only very powerful; it has a friendly program surface, it's easy to use and free for private use. A large number of users appreciate these advantages and NHC becomes one of the leading programs to control the power and hardware of modern notebooks.

Download Notebook Hardware Control here.