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Monday, August 20, 2007

Email Sentinel Pro 2.7 - Antivirus Software for Protect Email Message in Windows System

Email Sentinel Pro will prevents viruses from being installed or copied on your computer via email messages, scripts or attachments email.

This antivirus software is email specially and it's designed to stop and then quarantine any incoming email which contains email viruses. Email Sentinel Pro will intercepts all your emails before the virus reach your Inbox. All of suspect attachment is password protected so it will prevents them running virus on your computer.

Email Sentinel Pro is an email antivirus for any Windows system. If you are using Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, Eudora, and Outlook Express as your email software so you can use Email Sentinel Pro as your email antivirus.

Email Sentinel Pro now in 2.7 version. In this new version, users have more benefits than before like:
  • Prevent spammers from validating your email address for spamming lists;
  • Prevent viruses from infecting your computer by malware emails;Prevent receiving other malicious emails;
  • Password protect sensitive email attachments;
  • Block virus attachments from reaching your mailbox;
  • Easily enforce your organization emailing rules;
  • Extensive activity reports;
  • Smooth integration with any standard Windows email client.
Much computer viruses infecting computers through email messages. By blocking such emails, Email Sentinel Pro 2.7 will save your money you would spend on expensive antivirus solutions. This software is very cheap for any features you will get.

Email Sentinel Pro 2.7 Software run background in your system. This email antivirus work silently scans all your incoming email messages. It will looking for viruses nested in unsafe emails or in file attachments. Its email antivirus engine starts with Windows and it can be password protected, so only you can tweak your email antivirus settings.
  • Facts about Email Sentinel Pro: Email anti-virus for any Windows email software;
  • Converts incoming emails to harmless messages;
  • Prevents email viruses from reaching your computer as attachments or scripts;
  • No special setup required, except from installing and running our email anti-virus in background;
  • Detailed email anti-virus log, showing which emails were fully or partially blocked for anti-virus reasons.


Email Sentinel Pro 2.7 Software acts as a cache between your POP3, IMAP or HTTP email client software and your mail server. So while you are receiving your emails through your favourite email client, Email Sentinel Pro 2.7 will scan the messages before they reach your Inbox, preventing you from receiving viruses, spam or spyware content.

Email Sentinel Pro then convert your incoming email messages to harmless messages. So you will be safe to view all your incoming email and you don't being afraid that someone would be spy on you. Email Sentinel Pro has White List feature for their users. With this feature you can define who is your trust contacts to receive email messages and attachments.

Another feature is backup archive so you can keep your email message. You can too Use the Security features of Email Sentinel Pro 2.7 to erase HTML forms and images from your incoming messages before they reach your Inbox. Moreover, you can secure email attachments by password protecting them using encryption technologies.


Configuration Tabs
Email Account Properties: you can choose the settings of your email client application. This antivirus for email software was designed to work with any email client software like Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Hotmail, Eudora, IncrediMail, etc. Most of that email softwares are using POP3/IMAP protocoles, but if you are unsure about the data transmission technology, just let Email Sentinel Pro to select the incoming mail server type.

Email Protection Levels
Email Sentinel Pro offers five levels of protection. Depending on each level, it can quarantine attachments, block scripts, convert every incoming email to harmless text messages and many more.

Attachments Filtering
You can select which email attachments to avoid from being received in your Inbox folder. Plus, you can let Email Sentinel Pro to handle email messages attached to incoming emails

WhiteList Members
Being fully integrated with your Windows Address Book and MSN/Win Messenger contacts, Email Sentinel Pro lets you to easily define trusted contacts, which Email Sentinel Pro will skip from the protection process.

Email Sentinel Pro 2.7 will creates backup copies of your original incoming emails automatically, although you will receive the converted plain text emails in your Inbox. You can choose the backup folder from this tab.

Activity email Reports
Email Sentinel Pro 2.7 automatically generates traffic reports about the number of incoming emails, attachments and many more.

You can select your mail server settings (port number, server timeouts, buffer size). Please leave these settings untouched, unless you know for sure what your real settings are. Email Sentinel Pro can also keep a log of the received emails.

  • Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows Vista;
  • any POP3 Email Client Software;
  • PII processor or higher, 2MB of free hard disk space, min 64Mb of RAM.
  • Setup file size: 3.18 Mb


Try this software before you buy. When the file download is complete, please open/run the downloaded EXE file to start the installation process. The setup wizard will guide you through the installation steps. For download go to

File Size: 3.18 Mb
License: Free to try,
Price: $14.95 and free 1 year for upgrade,
Support: 24/7 live support, help manual included.


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DS is founded in 1998 by a group of IT industry and programming professionals to develop, market and provide email communication, protection and management software solutions and services for world-wide businesses.

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