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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Google's Blogger Launch Video Uploading

Today, Google's Blogger team launch new feature at blogger. The new feature is video uploading.

This new feature allows you to upload more videos and create a video podcast with the same ease with photo uploading.

Publishers will see a new button like this in the Blogger editing console to upload videos stored in their computers.

Upload video on Blogger is easy, just click the Add Video toolbar at the post editor, select the video from your computer you want to uploaded then click ok. You can see your video now on your blogspot.

Uploading a video may take a long time if your video file has big size. However, the exact amount of time required to upload video depend on the size of your video file and the speed of your internet connection. Blogger will display status uploading in the below of the post editor to let you know how this is going.

All video you upload at blogger will be hosted at Google Video. To stay cool using video uploading at blogger you must read The Upload TERMs and Condition of Google Video.

More information and a how to upload video can be found on the Blogger in Draft page.

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