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Friday, August 17, 2007

Youtube Video Converter - Free FLV Files Converter to IPOD Video Format

YouTube is the most popular video sharing. Billion peoples visit YouTube everyday to watch original video from other members. It is founded in February 2005 by three former PayPal employees; Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim. YouTube is the fastest growing websites on the Web, their members growth is very quick.

YouTube allows people to easily upload and share video clips throught their website, and across the Internet through websites, blogs, and e-mail. Now, YouTube has been delivers more than 100 million video views every day with 65,000 new videos uploaded daily and it has quickly become the leading destination on the Internet for video entertainment. In October 2006, Google Inc. announced that it had reached a deal to acquire the company for US$1.65 billion in Google stock. The deal closed on November 13, 2006.

YouTube's Video and Audio Format

YouTube's video format technology is based on Macromedia Flash Player 7 and uses the Sorenson Spark H.263 video codec. This format technology allows YouTube to display many videos with quality comparable to more established video playback technologies (such as Windows Media Player, QuickTime and RealPlayer) that generally require the user to download and install a web browser plugin in order to view video.

YouTube format uses .FLV (Adobe Flash Video) as format files after uploading. This extension is then stripped from the file. The different files are stored in obscurely named subdomains, to make ripping the videos difficult.

YouTube audio files format contain an MP3 audio stream. Iit is mono-encoding with a 65 kbps rate at 22050 Hz. However, it is possible to get a stereo audio track if the movie file is manually converted to FLV format using a program such as the Mac OS X graphic user interface ffmpegX for Macintosh or the commercial Riva FLV Encoder for Windows.

How Download & Convert YouTube Video Format (*.flv) to iPod, PSP & Mobile Phones MP4 video:

YouTube uses .FLV file format to playback movies on their site which isn't immediately playable. Windows users will want to grab a copy of FLV Player to start watch movies on their computer.

If you want to watch movies from YouTube on your Ipod Player, you can use The Free YouTube to iPod Converter 2.7. This is a good software to convert .FLV files format in to Mp4 format.

Free YouTube to iPod Converter 2.7 is made by DVDVideoSoft, an independent software vendor. Unlike software and shareware catalogs collecting third-party products, DVDVideoSoft carefully designs, develops and releases all free software titles under its own name and makes them available to computer users without any hidden fees, subscriptions or registrations.

Free YouTube to iPod Converter 2.7 is the most powerful YouTube converter software to download video from and convert videos to other formats. The Convert process is just one step solution because you don't need to download the .FLV file from YouTube, just launch this software and the download and convert process will begin automatically.

Follow the step by step instructions below to start convert YouTube files to your Ipod.

Step 1 :
Download Free YouTube to iPod Converter 2.7 to your hard disk. This software is clearly from spyware or adware and it's absolutely safe to install and run it. To download go to :
and start click download file.

Step 2 :
Next step is launch the program. Just double click the Free YouTube to iPod Converter 2.7 icon on your desktop.

Step 3 :
Select the input video file. Click the upper Browse button to select an input FLV file from your computer. Or you can just enter a YouTube URL to the Input file field. The YouTube URL looks like:

Step 4 :
Then, ypu select the Output File Location. On Free YouTube to iPod Converter Program you Click Browse to select the output location, then click save.

Step 5 :
Select the Output Format File. On Free YouTube to iPod Converter Select Presets. In the list of Devices select Apple iPod, Sony PSP or Mobile Phone. Choose Ipod if you want to convert it to your IPOD player.

Step 6 :
Click convert flv to mp4.

Step 7 :
The last step is transfer video file to the ipod. Just click the button along the bottom of the interface and wait just a few seconds. Then open Apple iTunes and drag the newly converted video file to the library window. If you have selected "Automatically update all videos" for the video preferences for your iPod, the new video will automatically transfer when you connect the player. If you have selected "Automatically update the selected playlists only," make sure that you drag the new video to one of the selected playlists.

Note: You'll probably want to update the information of the video when you move it to the iTunes library. To do this, select Videos from the left-hand column and go to list view. Then, click the file for which you want to edit info and select Get Info from the File menu (or simply right-click). You can edit the boxes found under the Info tab.

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