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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Secure Your Files Using WinSecure It

Have you experience your important data suddenly was lost from your computer or changed? Or you have many datas and images that you do not want to share with other? If your answer yes, then you need one software protection like WinSecure It. WinSecure It is a software that could be used to carry out various protection sorts in file or foler.

Some features of WinSecure It:

  • Hide, enabled you to hide folder/file on your computer that you did not want to share with others.
  • No access, this software will restrict access to file/folder and even access to file execution so it is not be running. This will be very important if you had various software that you do not want other person execute it.
  • Read only access, will prevent the change in the contents file and prevented file/folder deleted. This Software has two status user, administrator and guest. With administrator status, you could determine tha status of files/folder; full access, hide, read only and no access.
WinSecure It is just for Windows 95/98 operating system. If your system is Windows Vista or XP, you can use Windows Defender from Microsoft or Ad-Aware 2007.

It is not freeware software. The price is $29. More information :

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